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    All right - this is too awesome not to share. . The first IMPOSSIBLE tattoo is here (that I know of)! . Read Josh’s story in his own words (it’s long, but it’s good). Grab a beverage and dig in. ### I used to just dream about doing things.  It sounds easy to just jump on an airplane and go somewhere you’ve never been but then our brains, which have been taught to think a certain way our entire lives, has been programmed to stay cautious. My reasons not to go jump on a plane to anywhere: . * “I’ve never done this before and a lot of people I know haven’t either, so it’s too crazy. Everybody says it’s crazy” * “Well there’s going to be a cost to do that and I’d have to save cash” * “Well I need to find the time” * “I’ve got kids and I can’t just be that spontaneous” * “I’d have to pack, go through security, and rent a car, and….” . Excuses. All excuses. Barriers that seemed to be covered in barbed wire and guarded by pit bulls but were actually just an unlocked door waiting to be opened. . I got absolutely sick of saying I wanted to do things and letting all these barriers trap me in my own life. And it wasn’t just getting on a plane, it was everything in my life. Nearly everything. I was sick of being scared. Sick of being just motivated and sick of sputtering out after 3 days of whatever new habit or thing I was trying to accomplish. Sick of it. Sick of seeing everybody else do everything I wanted to do and living vicariously through them and actually doing it myself. I was sick of it.  I felt like I was never good enough to do anything.  It lead me down a very dark path in my life and I was going the opposite direction. I needed a change. . I found IMPOSSIBLE very randomly, stumbling on this Cold Shower Therapy idea that, How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything. . It seemed ridiculous. Take freezing showers? Why? But then I got to thinking…why the hell not? . The tattoo was an idea right off the @impossiblehq website. “Wear your own motivation” Post: “Be your own motivation. Wear it on your sleeve or chest or wherever the hell you want to wear it. Tattoo it on your body if you have to.” . It seemed like a dare to me. Get a tattoo? No way! (cntd 👇🏼)