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People like to ask me what the toughest part of #777project was. There were some tough sections: running 100k in Antarctica, running back and forth on the same 1.5 mile trail for 12 hours overnight on New Years Eve, and running in the Arctic where it got so cold my water froze solid. . With all that said, this section on the @thenorthfacethailand 50k tried to break me. It was the only race where I thought to myself "I could totally quit right here" and let the thought dance in my mind for more than just a few seconds. . I thought I started off well, but the back half was a single-track trail with no footing that went straight up for about 2 miles. NOBODY could run it so you did your best to power hike it and it just zapped your energy and momentum. There want much of a path and you had to push branches out of your way as you were climbing. It was absolutely demoralizing. . This shot was at the top of that hill as the path started to clear. I can't tell you exactly what I was thinking here, but I'm pretty sure I was making up new swear words that never existed before that moment. . I thought more about quitting that race than I've ever thought about quitting any other race ever, but I didn't fly halfway across the world to not run the whole thing and I wasn't going to start now - so I gritted my teeth, stared at the ground and focuses on one step at a time. . No matter how strong you get or how much you run, the race is always decided in your mind first. Decide what you're going to do and then finish what you started. #boom #getsome . . #777 #777project #pushyourlimits #dosomethingimpossible #fitness #endurance #running #tnf50k #getafterit #wedohardstuff #pencilsofpromise #thailand #bangkok #khaoyai #rogerthat #inspiration #motivation #discipline #disciplineisfreedom #beafinisher
FINISHED. . Race #5 is in the books for the #777project! . This was the North Face Thailand 50k race for the Asia leg of the project, but don't let the distance of the race deceive you. There's a reason this is a qualifying race for UTMB. . No joke, this race tried to break me. I felt great through 18 miles. We did a ton of climbing through the first 25k, but my legs felt good and the rest of the race was supposed to be rolling hills (plus a quick single track climb). . LIES. ALL LIES. . The short single track climb turned into 2 miles of "no track" climbing, plus a mile straight down of basically stepping stones with no clear path. . I think mile 20 took me 30 minutes just cause there was no where to put your feet! No one was moving much faster either. . One I got down from that climb, my legs were completely trashed and I tried to hold on through the finish line, but no lie - this was an ugly one. . I've done a lot of hard (and long) races that hurt quite a bit, but I have never quit a race before (or even entertained the thought of it). But, over the last ten miles of this race, that thought popped into my head over and over again, but I put my head down and kept going (while cursing every small incline on the way). . With all that said, it is done. FINISHED. #boom💥 . 777 Update! ✅ 5 races finished ✅ 5 continents visited 🇺🇸 🇨🇱 🇦🇶 🇹🇭 🇦🇺 💰 $123,722 raised for @pencilsofpromise . Only 2 races to go and just over 2 more schools to build - PLUS I'm matching all donations. . Let's do this 👉🏼 . . . . #777project #ultramarathon #ultra #marathon #travel #instatravel #fit #fitness #instafit #fitnessmotivation #running #runnersofinstagram #runners #asia #thailand #bangkok #bkk #tnf50k #thenorthfacethailand2017 #embracethesuck #pushyourlimits #dosomethingimpossible #gymjones #mindgames #endurance #athlete

My thoughts on Keto Meal Plans on @ProductHunt cc @tomfrazier

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My thoughts on Keto Meal Plans on @ProductHunt cc @dnsbty

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My thoughts on Keto Meal Plans on @ProductHunt cc @TaylorJacobson

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My thoughts on Keto Meal Plans on @ProductHunt cc @dnsbty

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My thoughts on Keto Meal Plans on @ProductHunt cc @TaylorJacobson

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Moving up the @ProductHunt leaderboard 👀

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My thoughts on Keto Meal Plans on @ProductHunt

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It ain’t much, but after 3 years on the road, I finally have a proper workstation put together. . Weird how much you can get done when you’re not focused on booking a flight every 5-7 days. 🤔 . . . #Austin #atx #texas #workstation #popcorn #productivity #setup #desk #office #homeoffice #studio #biznass

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Monday. . #boom . What are you guys working on today? . Here’s my short list: ✅ Product launch at @paleomealplans tomorrow ✅ Prepping our @movewellapp online launch (coming soon) ✅ Brand new series on creating + implementing your #impossiblelist @impossiblehq . . . #pushyourlimits #dosomethingimpossible #movewell #movement #paleo #keto #hiit #intermittentfasting #impossible #fitness #nutrition #monday #getafterit #rogerthat

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Plotting @ImpossibleHQ world domination

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"It's time to exercise these demons These muh'f--kers are doin' jumpin' jacks now"

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Preview of a shot in Copenhagen of a small project I did with @soho_nomads in November. #comingsoon

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