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Was going through some photos and found this gem. This was post-Thailand North Face 50k - the race that tried to kill me. I did this 2 weeks after the 100k in Antarctica (and my 3rd race in 6 weeks). Woof. . Going in - I was super confident ("I just did a 100k, I can do a 50k no problem"). Turns out I’m way better in the cold than I am in the heat. Also, that beard is way more helpful in the Antarctic than it is when you’re running single tracks and out-and-backs up hill after hill in 90º+ heat in a Thai jungle. . I finished - but man, I have never thought about quitting a race so much before in my life. . Lesson: the distance is only one part of the equation. . . . #ultra #ultramarathon #endurance #rogerthat #getsome #getafterit #stayhard #ultra #goggins #impossible #impossiblehq #impossiblefitness #pushyourlimits #dosomethingimpossible #777project #marathon #runner #tnf50

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